listen to musicWe all love music; however, our listening experience may not be as good as we think it is. Bad music players, messy libraries, poorly encoded files and crappy headphones can be a few reasons that our favorite songs may not sound their best. With an ever growing number of online music services, choosing the right online player that best fits our needs may be intimidating.

Want to listen to your favorite songs and artists in just one click? With just a simple web connection, you can look up to thousands of online popular sources to enjoy online music, most of which will be free. Platforms like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, iHeart Radio and etc are loaded with your favorite music and pre-made playlists that are good for all of you music lovers. Check out below on how to listen to music online with these 5 apps for best experience:

  • itunes-logo-png-transparentCheck out the music stations on iTunes:

If you are a fan of iTunes, then don’t forget to check out the various music stations featured on iTunes organized by different albums, genres and individual songs. You can then simply listen to any music station or pre-made lists available. If you have not used iTunes before, simply go to and download the app on your computer or phone and enjoy listening to your favorite songs!

  • 26-spotify.w1200.h630Spotify

Spotify is known as one of the best music services available on the web with a collection of more than twenty million tracks to listen to along with a hub of third party apps such as the BBC Playlister service to extend your listening. Most people often use Spotify to listen to their favorite songs but there is also a radio option available that plays songs related to your choice of artists making it the smartest radio available on the web!

  • pandora_logo110825215224Pandora

Although Pandora may be only available to the people of US, New Zealand and Australia, it is without a doubt the granddaddy of online music streaming. Rather than providing the option of playing tracks on demands, you can pick a song and let it create a whole radio station of your taste in music. Moreover, Pandora also tends to keep your recommendations sensible and works pretty well allowing you to create personalized radio station of over hundred tracks.

  • logo-horizontalUse iHeart Radio to listen to hundreds of tracks across the US

Go to and search for your favorite music stations and enjoy for free! You can also create your very own customized station with your favorite tracks and manage other stations by giving thumbs up for each song.

Pro Tip: Remember when you are listening to your favorite music by plugging your headphones into your computer you might not be getting the best audio quality possible. Therefore, make use of a DAC (Digital Analog Convertor) and amplifier to fix the problem and enjoy your favorite songs in full swing and no care of the world!

Despite what the web has to offer, you can always run back to your old fashioned record store and get a CD of your favorite physical recordings. Music lovers always tend to find more options to listen to the music the way they wants and thanks to the online sources, we now have plenty of options to listen to our favorite tracks.

What’s your way of finding and listening to new music?



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